I grew up just outside of Cleveland, Ohio in the 90’s. My dad and I would play catch in the “yard” which eventually became throwing a ball across the street, to and from a neighbors yard. We would play for hours. Those summer days were some of the best days of my life. We would put an Indians game on channel 43 and watch Albert Belle, Carlos Baerga, and Kenny Lofton jack homeruns and make amazing plays on defense (well except for Albert). Were they all on steroids? Probably, but who cares.

I remember my first Indians game. I won tickets selling some garbage for my little league baseball team. I got to see Nolan Ryan’s last game at “The Mistake By The Lake” Cleveland Municipal Stadium. Even as a kid I remember being more interested in the stadium than what was actually happening in the game. The stadium was literally falling apart. There were cement blocks laying on the ground secured by a string of orange tape, beer spilling everywhere, grown ups committing major league debauchery (it was the 90s, we’ll talk about 10 cent beer night later), this was baseball.

Eventually Albert, Carlos, Kenny, and Steroids came to Cleveland and we got a new stadium “Gateway” which became “The Jake” which sadly became “Progressive Field”. I saw a million more games there. We set records for attendance and went to two world series.

This kind of baseball was cool but It wasn’t until I saw Old Detroit Stadium that I fell in love with GOING to baseball games. My dad decided we needed a little fun one summer and packed us into a Chrysler for Detroit. The stadium was literally about a hundred years old. We had to park in a strange dirt lot. Everybody was wearing a hat that had an olde english D on it instead of Chief Wahoo (gross Detroit). The stadium looked like it was built by 2 year olds. Some of the seating actually hung out over the field. The dimensions were completely different. What was happening?

That was my first real experience with traveling… Detroit. It sounds janky as hell, and it was, but I was hooked. We ate strange foods and got yelled at. It was electricity and I was scared for my life.

As I grow into my adulthood I reach back to my childhood. I still love to travel, get into weird things, eat stuff, drink stuff, see stuff. This blog will be just that. A game with a loosely defined set of rules that nobody cares about. A playing field that has no defined shape. I just want to grab a bat and a ball and go from there.

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